Active Education


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Active Education Programme (AEP)

The AEP-climbing works by empowering young people who are currently struggling at school through the application of knowledge and understanding. Most young people have heard words like comfort zone, self-esteem, confidence, fear, trust, etc, but not many of them really understand either the terms or how they apply to their own unique character.

By delivering theory sessions relating individual character traits to advancing elements of climbing, we provide tangible, practical ways to engage theory with application as they progress through the climbing sessions. By growing the participants’ mindset in this way, they can apply the knowledge they have learned into other areas of their lives.

Parents/carers have to agree both for their child’s enrolment and also to engage on the course themselves. Indeed during the 9-12 sessions we will invite the parent/carers to come climbing with their own child. This is a major development as many of the parents/carers do not actively engage with their children recreationally and some struggle to engage at all. This highlights the effectiveness of climbing and of the course. At the end of the course we run a celebration day at an outdoor climbing location. This not only promotes family engagement but also gives young people an opportunity to experience the outdoors.



Our staff are a familiar face in the schools. Time is set aside to allow young people to informally catch up during their normal days in mainstream education. School staff can also highlight children who may need some extra support and our staff will encourage them in more structured settings, often for a longer period of time. 


Early intervention 

Using the national structure of "Transforming lives for good" early intervention. The programme seeks to enable trained volunteers to work on a one to one basis within the mainstream school setting. With the aim of improving the child's behaviour and in turn making them more likely to engage and learn in the classroom.