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Climb61 has a modest 40m2 of climbable surface to enjoy. With grades ranging from 2 - 7a there is plenty to get the heart pumping and the mind thinking.

With over 25 Boulder Problems to enjoy you can work on some of those hard projects for up to a month before we reset the routes.

Attend one of our clubs or make a booking of up to 6 people (1.5hr session) throughout the week. Keep an eye on our social media channels for latest news.

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Climb61 sessions - book using the link on the homepage.

- Rock Tots - A combination of bouldering, games and                            soft play, every Monday morning.

- Kids Club Climbing - 7-11s after school club

- Youth Climbing Club - Weekly club developing all                                                     aspects of climbing.

- Youth Socials 

- Ladies Night

- Adult Socials - Thursday and Friday evenings, 6pm-                                    10pm. 

- Bookable sessions will continue throughout the week.

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