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St Mary’s Youth Project was initiated at the millennium by St Mary’s church, to provide out-of-school, informal social activities for young people in this area. It was christened “SMYP” by the young people and has, since its inception, provided them with a safe out of school meeting environment.


SMYP has extended its work by demand, into the local schools, operating self-esteem and confidence building programmes, including mentoring and coaching in basic life skills, to support those children facing a variety of engagement issues. An early intervention programme that can reach and involve parents/families where necessary is part of ongoing process development and was been piloted in 2017 as Active Education. This has the specific aim of supporting the schools in engaging the pupils in the curriculum based learning process, whilst addressing family background issues.  The success of the pilot study has lead to Active Education now becoming an integral part of our work.

SMYP is founded in Christian ideals but faith is not required to be involved and to be supported: Many of the young people and their families who participate in and support SMYP, do not have a strong or often, any faith. We put our faith and belief into action, for the benefit of all. We are extremely grateful to all our supporters, who, regardless of their beliefs, can see that we use their money wisely to support and engage people at every level and under all circumstances.



Mark Greaves

Lead Youth & Family Worker

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Naomi Cornell


Bev Greaves

Youth and Family Worker


Volunteers & Young Leaders

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